Weathering the Perfect Storm: A Decade of Natural Disasters and Inflation

In the tumultuous realm of insurance, over the past decade, a perfect storm of natural disasters and inflationary pressures has emerged. From hurricanes to wildfires, floods to earthquakes, homeowners with high net-worth home across insurance, the spectrum have felt the impact of these escalating risks. However, it’s the high net-worth segment that finds itself particularly vulnerable to the resulting premium increases and restricted capacity.

Understanding the Impact: High Net-Worth Homes in High-Risk Zones

High-value properties often sit in areas prone to natural disasters, such as mountainsides or barrier islands, increasing exposure to changing weather patterns. Consequently, insurance companies, reevaluating risk portfolios, leave high net-worth individuals with fewer coverage options.

Navigating the Landscape: Availability vs. Affordability

Affordability takes a backseat to availability in high net-worth home insurance. With admitted carriers retreating, clients are compelled to explore non-admitted markets or consider self-insurance. Strategic conversations between insurers, wealth managers, and clients seek innovative solutions to mitigate risk and protect assets.

Tailoring Solutions: Customization Amid Capacity Constraints

Customization becomes key in the face of restricted capacity. The team at HUB Private Client employs diverse strategies to address unique needs. They do this by accessing carrier options and offering deductible buyback and self-insurance alternatives.

Charting the Course Forward: Innovation and Adaptability

Innovation and adaptability are paramount in an evolving insurance landscape. Through expertise and collaboration, navigating premium increases and capacity constraints becomes not just a challenge, but an opportunity to redefine home insurance for the affluent.


With the right strategies and partnerships, high net-worth individuals can weather the storm and secure peace of mind in an unpredictable world.