Meet Roxanne, our seasoned Insurance Analyst, bringing over 40 years of invaluable experience to the table. Having retired from a distinguished career with a Fortune 500 insurance company, Roxanne now finds joy in the simple yet fulfilling moments of life.

One of Roxanne’s greatest blessings is the opportunity to spend time with her grandchildren, actively participating in and cheering on their sporting events. Her retirement has become a season of family, laughter, and the cherished moments that come with watching the next generation grow.

But it’s not all leisure for Roxanne—she’s an avid pickleball player, engaging in spirited matches with a fantastic group of long-time friends. This not only keeps her active but also reflects her love for camaraderie and shared experiences.

Beyond the court and family gatherings, Roxanne is a dedicated member of Kingdom City church, where she worships alongside her family. Her philosophy echoes the sentiment that when it’s time to work, they work, and when it’s time to pray, they believe that God works.

Roxanne’s journey is a testament to the rewarding blend of a successful career, a vibrant family life, and a commitment to faith and community. Her wealth of experience, coupled with a genuine passion for life, adds a unique and valuable dimension to our team. Roxanne exemplifies the idea that retirement is not just an end but a beautiful beginning of a life filled with purpose, connection, and a joyful pursuit of the things that matter most.